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Membership Plaque Membership in DCA is a continuous, long-term investment in jewelry education and professionalism, meaningful industry and consumer identity and advancement through knowledge.

Membership in the DCA will also be an important link to over 4000 DCA member stores coast-to-coast.

DCA members have access to the Diamond, Colored Gemstone and Advanced Jewelry Sales courses for their associates, beautifully embossed plaques, decals, hanging signs, and lapel pins. These invaluable sales tools help build a jeweler’s professionalism, raise his/her standards of merchandising and advertising, and symbolize affiliation with an organization of the highest ethical and educational standards.

Membership Requirements

Section 1 There shall be three classifications of membership: (1) Executive Members, and (2) Associate Members, and (3) Individual Members. Applicants must satisfy the President/CEO and the Board of Directors that their interest is fully consistent with the purpose of the Council set forth in Section 4 Article I of these bylaws.


The primary purpose of the DCA is to provide educational services pertaining to diamonds and fine jewelry. This education will be directed toward DCA members, their employees, suppliers and the public. DCA members are specialty jewelry retailers whose businesses serve the consumer through an emphasis on personal, over-the-counter sales of diamonds and other precious stones, in a service-intensive, professional manner that relies upon the expert knowledge of the salesperson.

Section 2 In addition, applicants for executive membership will meet the following qualifications:

A. Specialization:

An applicant must specialize in the sale to consumers of diamonds and other precious gems. The applicant must do business in a manner that substantially emphasizes personal, over-the-counter sales, in a service-intensive professional manner that relies upon the expert knowledge of the sales person.

B. Demonstrate High Standards of Ethical Conduct and Professionalism:

In keeping with the Council's purpose of serving the consuming public in a highly ethical and professional manner. The applicant must provide evidence of meeting these standards. Such practices as false or deceptive advertising, misrepresentations at the point-of-sale, or other disreputable practices which take unfair advantage of the consumer or are recognized under law as unfair methods of competition would disqualify an applicant. An applicant challenged under this section will be given a full opportunity to offer the exculpating evidence and explanations.

C. Industry-Mindedness:

An applicant must be dedicated to the general welfare, high standing and prosperity of the entire retail jewelry business, as manifested, for example, by active participation in the Jewelers of America, Inc., or some other reputable association dedicated to these goals.

D. Financial Stability:

Because the Council's image, and the image of its members, could be damaged if its members are not financially sound, an applicant must demonstrate financial stability, as manifested, for example, by a JBT rating of not less than 2 or excellent credit references.

E. Commitment to the Council's Program:

In order to ensure that the Council's educational courses are fully utilized and that the purpose of the Council is fulfilled, an applicant must commit to active participation in the Council's programs.

Section 3

All applicant's for executive membership shall be reviewed and approved by the President/CEO consistent with the guidelines of executive membership as defined in Article II of the association bylaws.

Section 4

Associate members (non-voting) shall be suppliers to the jewelry industry. Applicants shall demonstrate that they have a reputation of conducting themselves according to highest ethical and professional standards of the jewelry industry. All applications for associate membership shall be reviewed by the President/CEO consistent with the guidelines of associate membership as defined in Article II of the association bylaws.

Section 5

Individual Members shall be from the general population and must complete the appropriate application for membership and enrollment found on the DCA web site at the Individual Member Tab. Individual Members will be required to become DCA members at an annual cost of thirty-five dollars ($35.00), and will be eligible to enroll in only those DCA courses specifically designated for Individual Member use.

Section 6

Individual Members shall be approved solely by the President/CEO or the DCA Director of Operations.

Section 7

The President/CEO shall submit the names of all applicants, in either the Executive or Associate membership category, to the entire board of directors once the candidate has filed all appropriate paperwork. Directors will have five days (from receipt) to question an applicant's qualification for membership.

Section 8

Members shall be liable for the dues and other fees, including initiation fees, as established by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Section 9

A member must always meet the standards for membership as set forth in the DCA Bylaws. A member's qualifications may be challenged by filing a complaint with the President/CEO. The President/CEO shall make inquiries and report his findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board may rescind membership for failure to continue qualifying, but it must provide the member with an opportunity for a hearing prior to reaching a decision.

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