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Members' Online Directory

Store Name Web Address
4 Sale in Winchester www.4saleinwinchester.com
A. Jaffe
AA Jewel Box, Inc. www.aajewelbox.com
Abshire and Haylan www.abshireandhaylan.com
Absolute Brilliance
Acori Diamonds & Design www.acori.com
Adeana Creations
Adele Diamond www.adelediamond.com
Adjewelation Jewelry www.adjewelation.com
Adlers Jewelers www.adlersdiamonds.com
Adorn Jewelry
Adrianne Kahn Fine Jewelry & Design
AE Jewelers www.aejewelers.com
Alan Miller Jewelers www.alanmillerjewelers.com
Alara alarajewelry.com
Albert's Jewelers www.albertsjewelers.com
Alexander Fine Jewelers www.alexanderfinejewelry.com
Allen Barnes Jewellers
Alpine Jewelers www.alpinefinejewelry.com
Alson Jewelers www.alvinsjewelers.com
American Gem Trade Association www.agta.org
Amidon Jewelers www.amidonjewelers.com
Amijag Inc.
Anfesa's Jewelers, Inc. www.anfesasjewelers.com
Annandale Village
Apland Jewelers www.aplandjewelers.com
Argyle Jewellers www.argylejewellers.com.au
Argyle Jewellers www.argylejewellers.com.au
Ashley's Jewelry by Design
AV Diamond
Avalon Jewelers www.avalonjewelerscleveland.com
Awesome Jewelry www.awesomejewelry.net
Babb's Jewelry & Design www.babbs-jewelry.com
Bailey, Banks & Biddle www.baileybanksandbiddle.com
Bailey's Fine Jewelry www.baileysfinejewelry.com
Barrington Jewels www.barringtonjewels.com
Barton's Jewelers www.bartonsjewelers.com
Bashinski Fine Gems & Jewelry, Inc.
Baxter's Fine Jewelry www.baxtersjewelry.com
Becker Jewelers Inc. www.beckerjewelers.com
Becker's Fine Jewelers www.beckers.com
Belle Jewelers www.bellejewelers.diamondjourney.com
Belmont Jewelers www.belmontjewelers.net
Ben David Jewelers, Inc. www.bendavidjewelers.com
Benari Jewelers www.benarijewelers.com
Bijouterie Italienne www.bijouterieitalienne.com
Bling it Around Again, LLC www.blingitaround.com
Bling of Belterra www.belterracasino.com
Blue Heron Jewelry www.blueheronjewelry.com
Blue Marlin Jewelry www.bluemarlinjewelry.com
Blue River Diamonds www.blueriverdiamonds.com
Bob's Watches www.bobswatches.com
Bove Jewelers www.bovejewelers.com
Boyer's Diamond & Gold Source www.boyersjewelry.com
Bradley Gough Diamonds, Inc. www.bradleygoughdiamonds.com
Bradley's Jewelers www.bradleyjewelers.com
Branham's Jewelry
Brian Michael's Jewelers www.brianmichaelsjewelers.com
Briman's Leading Jewelers
Brittany's Fine Jewelry www.brittanysfinejewelry.com
Brock's Jewelers www.brocksjewelers.com
Brooke Jewelers www.rogersjewelers.com
Brownlee Jewelers
Buchroeder's Jewelers www.brdiamonds.com
Burleigh Showcase Jewellers www.burleighshowcasejewellers.com
Butler Truax Jewelers www.butlertruaxjewelers.com
C.R. Jewelers www.crjewelers.com
Calhoun Jewelers www.calhounjewelers.com
Calhoun's Jewelers (Topeka) www,calhounsjeweelrs.com
Calvin Broyles Jewelers www.calvinbroyles.com
Carati Jewellers www.carati.com.au
Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches www.caratsfinejewelryandwatches.com
Caribbean Gems www.caribbeangems.com
Carol & Company Fine Jewelry www.carolcodiamonds.com
Carroll-Ochs Jewelers www.carrollochs.com
Carte Jewelers
Cartersville Jewelry Exchange www.cartersvillejewelry.com
Casale Jewelers www.casalejewelers.net
CBC Jewelry www.cbcjewelers.com
CC Jewelers www.tccoin.com
Centre Jewellers
Centre Jewellers
Charles & Colvard, Ltd. www.charlesandcolvard.com
Charm Diamond Centres www.charmdiamondcentres.com
Chateau Jewelers
Christian Taylor Estate & Fine Jewelry
Christopher's Fine Jewelry www.christophersjewelry.com
Cindi's One Hour Jewelers cindisonehourjewelers.com
Classique Jewelers www.classiquejewelers.com
Clawson Jewelers
Cline Jewelers www.clinejewelers.com
Cobb County Schools
Colonial Jewelers www.colonialjewelers.com
Cone Jewelers www.conejewelers.com
Cooper Fine Jewelers www.parksjewelers.com
Corinne Jewelers www.corinnejewelers.com
Cormier Jewelers, Inc. www.cormiers.com
Cornell's Jewelers www.cornellsjewelers.com
Cravens & Lewis Jewelers, Inc. www.cravensandlewis.com
Crews Jewelry, Inc. www.crewsjewelry.com
Cunningham Fine Jewelry www.cunninghamfinejewelry.com
Dahlquist's Fine Jewelry
Dana Augustine, Inc www.danaaugustineinc.com
Dan's Discount Jewelry www.dansdiscountjewelry.com
Darakjian Jewelers www.darakjian.com
Darian Jewelers
Darian Jewelers
Darling Imports www.darlingimports.com
Darold's Jewelers www.daroldsjewelers.com
DavEd Jewelers www.davedjewelers.com
David Clay Jewelers, Inc. www.davidclayjewelers.com
David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry www.daviddouglas.com
David Nygaard Fine Jewelers www.davidnygaardfinejewelers.com
David Richardson CSP
David Roberts Jewellers
Davis Jewelers www.davisjewelers.com
Day's Jewelers www.daysjewelers.com
de Boulle www.deboulle.com
Dean Turner Jewelry Inc.
Designer Jewelers www.designerjewelers.net
Deutsch & Deutsch www.wherelifehappens.com
Diamond Center www.diamondcenterjewelers.com
Diamond Expressions
Diamond Jims www.diamondjims4diamodns.com
Diamonds 'n Dunes www.diamondsanddunes.com
DIamonds West Wholesale Inc. www.diamondswest.com
Dominic's Fine Jewelry www.dominicsfinejewelry.com
Dondero's Jewelry www.donderojewelry.com
Douglas Diamonds www.douglasdiamondscorp.com
Dream Jewelers www.dreamjeweler.com
Duncan & Boyd www.duncanandboyd.com
Dunkins Diamonds www.dunkinsdiamonds.com
E. E. Robbins, The Engagement Ring Store www.eerobbins.com
Earth Treasures Jewelers www.earth-treasures.com
Ed Levi & Company, Inc.
Eden Jewelry and Repair www.edenjewelrystores.com
Elegant Diamonds, Inc. www.elegantdiamonds.net
Elite Jewelers www.myelitejewelers.com
Elizabeth Learning Center
Ellis Jewelers Inc. www.ellisfinejewelers.com
Emerald City Jewelers www.emeraldcityjewelers.net
Engage Diamond www.engagediamonds.com
Eric Michaels Fine Jewelry www.webuygoldfl.com
Excel Jewellers www.exceljewellers.com
F.P. Wortley
Fakier Jewelers www.fakier.com
Falkenbergs Jewelers www.falkenbergs.com
Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs www.fastfix.com
Fidelity Diamond www.fidelitydiamond.com
Fire Polish
First Class Diamonds & Jewelry www.firstclassdiamondsandjewelry.com
Fisher's Jewelers www.fishersjewelers.net
Four Points Corporation
Foxfire Jewelers www.foxfirejewelers.com
Frank Jewelers of Freeport www.frankjewelers.com
Frank's Jewelers www.franks-jewelers.com
Fred Meyer Jewelers www.fredmeyerjewelers.com
Freeman Jewelers www.freemanjewelerspa.com
Fremeau Jewelers Inc. www.fremeaus.com
G. L. Kluh & Sons Jewelers
G. M. Pollack www.gmpollack.com
Garry's Riverside Jewellers
Gem Pawnbrokers Corp. www.gempawnbrokers.com
Gem Shopping Network
GemFind www.gemfind.net
Gemprint Corp. www.gemprint.com
GGem Appraisals
Giorgio Conti Jewelers
Gold & Carat Exchange www.goldandcarat.com
Gold & Diamond Exchange
Gold Art inc. goldartjewelers.com
Gold Casters Fine Jewelry
Gold Palace Jewelers
Goldsmith Jewellers
Goodman & Sons Jewelers www.goodmanandsons.com
Goodman Jewelers of Abingdon
Graham Jewelers www.grahamjewelers.com
Grannis Gallery www.grannisgallery.com
Green Management www.greenbergsjewelers.com
Greenwich Jewelers www.greenwichjewelers.com
Grogan Jewelers www.groganjewelers.com
Gross Diamond Company www.grossdiamonds.com
Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry, LLC www.gulfcoastcoin.com
Gumby Jewelry Inc., DBA Fast Fix
H. H. Turner Jewelers www.hhturnerjewelry.com
Hamlin's Manufacturing Jewelers
Hannoush Jewelers
Hansa USA, LLC www.hansadiamonds.com
Harold Jaffe Jewelers www.haroldjaffe.com
Harold Steven's Jewelers www.haroldstevens.com
Harper Jewelry Company, Inc. www.harperjewelry.com
Harry Ritchie Jewelers www.harryritches.com
Hartman Jewelers www.hartmanjewelers.net
Hayes Jewelers www.hayesjewelers.com
Haywood's Inc. www.haywoodsjewelers.com
Haywood's Westlake, LLC. www.haywoodsjewelers.com
Hearts on Fire www.heartsonfire.com
Helm's Jewelry www.helmsjewelry.com
Helzberg Diamonds www.helzberg.com
Hennings Jewellers www.henning-jewellers.com.au
Hennings Jewellers www.hennings-jewellers.com.au
Hennings Showcase Jewellers
Hertz Jewelers
Hoff Diamonds and Gems www.hoffdiamonds.com
Holly Scott Jewelry
Hoover's Jewelers
House of Fraser www.houseoffraser.com.au
Houston Jewelry www.houstonjewelry.com
Howard's Jewelry www.howardsjewelryandloan.com
Hurst's Berwyn Jewelers, Inc. www.hurstsberwynjewlers.com
Husar's House of Fine Diamonds www.husars.com
IDEX USA Inc. www.idexonline.com
IGA www.igagemlab.com
Imagem Inc. www.imageminc.com
Images Jewelers www.imagesjewelers.com
International Diamond Centers www.shopidc.com
International School of Gemology www.schoolofgemology.com
Island Companies LTD www.islandcompaniesltd.com
J. David Jewelry www.jdavid.com
J. Foster Jewelers billing@jfosterjewelers.com
J. Howard Jewelers www.jhowardjewelers.com
J.K. Reese Designs www.jkreesedesigns.com
Jack Armstrong Jewelers www.jackarmstrongjewelers.net
James Douglas Jewelers, LLC. www.jdjewel.com
James Gattas Jewelers www.gattasjewelers.com
Jared the Galleria of Jewelry www.jared.com
Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith Ltd. www.jenshansen.com
Jensen Jewelers www.jensen-jewelers.com
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company www.jewelersmutual.com
Jewelers of America www.jewelers.org
Jewellers Workshop www.jewellersworkshop.co.nz
Jewelry Creations
Jewelry Television jtv.com
JewelryQuest www.jewelryquest.com
Jim Bartlett Fine Jewelry www.bartlettfinejewelry.com
Jim Kryshak www.jimkryshak.com
Johannes Hunter Jewelers
John Laughter Jewelry johnljewelry.com
John Michael Matthews Fine Jewelry www.johnmatthewsjewelry.com
John Paul's Jewelers
Johnson Jewelers
Johnson's Jewelry and Repair, LLC. www.johnsonsjewelryandrepair.com
Jons Family Jewellers www.jfj.com.au
Jose & Co. Custom Jewellers www.joseandco.com
Josephs Jewelers www.josephjewelers.com
JR Dunn www.jrdunn.com
Julius Goldstein & Son, Inc. www.goldsteinsjewelry.com
Just Perfect Jewelry Designs www.justperfectmsp.com
Just Perfect Jewelry Designs www.justperfectmsp.com
Justice Jewelers www.justicejewelers.com
K. Hollis Jewelers www.khollisjewelers.com
Karen's Jewelers
Kay Jewelers www.kay.com
Kelley Jewelers www.kelleyjewelers.com
Kennedy's Custom Jewelers, Inc. www.kennedysjewelers.com
Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers www.masterjewellers.com.au
King Furs & Fine Jewelry www.kingfursandfinejewelry.com
Kingoff's Jewelers www.kingoffs.com
King's Jewelry www.kingsjewelry.com
Kizer Cummings www.kizercummings.com
Koehn and Koehn Jewelers www.koehnjewelry.com
Koh-I-Noor Jewellers
Koh-I-Noor Jewellers & Diamond Center
Kokkeler's Inc. www.kokkelersjewelry.com
Koser Jewelers www.koserjewelers.com
LaDon's Fine Jewelry www.ladonsfinejewelry.com
Lady Jeweler Inc. www.ladyjeweler.com
Laferriere & Brixi Diamantaires, Inc.
Lambert High School
Lambert Jewelers, Inc. www.lambertjewelers.com
Lauray's - The Diamond Center www.laurays.com
Lawrence Jewelers www.lawrencejewelers.com
Leading Edge Group www.leadingedgejewellers.com.au
Leading Edge Jewellers Albany
Leading Edge Jewellers Port Lincoln
Lee Read Jewelers www.leereadjewelers.com
Legacy Fine Jewelers, LLC www.legacyfinejewelers.com
LeGassick www.legassick.com.au
LeGassick www.legassick.com.au
Levy Jewelers www.levyjewelers.com
Lewis & Co Jewelers www.lewiscojewelers.com
Lewis Jewelers and More www.lewisjewelersandmore.com
Lily & Company Jewelers www.lilyjewelers.com
Little Treasury Jewelers www.littletreasury.com
Loloma Investments www.loloma.com.au
Long Jewelers www.longjewelers.net
Lorch Diamond Centers www.lorchsjewelers.com
Lusty's Showcase Jeweller
Madison Jewelers www.madisonjewelers.com
Malak Jewelers www.malakjewelers.com
Mariloff Diamonds
Markman's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry www.markmansdiamonds.com
Marks Jewelers, Inc. www.marks-jewelers.com
Marsala Manufacturing
Matthews Jewellers www.matthewsjewellers.com
Maypeng's Jewelers www.maypengjewelers.com
Mazzucchelli's Jewellers www.mazzucchellis.com.au
McEachern High School
Mead Jewelers Inc. www.meadjewelers.com
Medawar Jewelers (Portage) www.medawarjewelers.com
Meigs Jewelry www.meisgsjewelry.com
Metals in Time www.metalsintime.com
Michael & Son's Fine Jewelers www.michaelandshonsjewelers.com
Michael Gallagher Jewelers Inc. www.michaelgallagherjewelers.com
Michael Hill www.michaelhill.com
Michael's Fine Jewelry www.100facetnewcenturydiamond.com
Michael's Reflections in Gold www.reflectionsingold.com
Michelson Jewelers www.michelsonj-ewelers.com
Milhinch Hourglass Jewellers
Miner's North Jewelers www.minersnorth.com
MJSA www.mjsainc.com
Mon Ami Jewelry www.monamijewelry.com
Monica Jewelers www.monicajewelers.com
Monmouth Jewelers www.monmouthjewelers.com
Moody's Jewelry www.moodysjewelry.com
Morgan Jewelers www.morganjewelers.com
Morris Jewelers www.morrisjewelers.com
Morris Jewelry( Bowling Green) www.morrisjewelrybg.com
Mr. Goldman MRGoldmanLA.com
Mullen Bros. Jewelers www.mullenjewelers.com
N. Gogolick & Son, Corp.
National Association of Jewelry Appraisers www.najaappraisers.com
National Pawn and Jewelry www.nationalpawnshops.com
Nature Coast Goldsmith Jewelers, Inc. www.naturecoastjeweler.com
Nebraska Diamond www.nediamond.com
Nelson Coleman Jewelers www.nelsoncoleman.com
Newton's Fine Jewelry
Niche of Time www.nicheoftimejewelry.com
Occasions Fine Jewelry www.occasionsfinejewelry.com
Osbornes Jewelers, Inc. osbornesjewelers.com
Overstreet's Jewelry, Inc. www.overstreetjewelry.com
Palace Jewelry & Loan Co Inc. www.palacejewelry-loan.com
Palladium Alliance International www.luxurypalladium.com
Panowicz Jewelers www.panowicz.com
Paragon Lake www.paragonlake.com
Paramount Jewelers www.paramountjewelersdallas.com
Paris Jewelry www.parisjewelry.com
Park Place Jewelers www.parkplacejewelers.com
Parker's Karat Patch www.parkerskaratpatch.com
Parry's Jewellers www.perrysjewellers.com
Pattons Fine Jewelry www.pattonsjewelry.com
Pearce Jewelers www.pearcejewelers.com
Perfect Pieces www.perfectpiecesjewellery.com.au
Perrywinkle's Fine Jewelry www.perrywinkles.com
Persin and Robbin Jewelers www.personandrobbin.com
Pharaoh's Jewelers www.pharaohsjewelers.com
Piedmont Gold & Diamond Exchange wwww.piedmongoldexchange.com
Pinellas Technical College-St. Petersburg
Piper Diamond Co. www.piperdiamonds.com
Platinum Guild International www.platinumguild.com
Poole's Jewelers, Inc. www.pooles.com
Porter's Pawn www.porterspawn.com
Powell Jewelry www.powelljewelryonline.com
Precious Fine Jewelers www.preciousfinejewelrs.com
Premier Jewellery and Loan www.premierpawn.com
Prices Jewelers Inc. www.prices-finejewelry.com
Prince George's County Public Schools
Purnell & Co. D.B.A. Windsor Diamond Jewelers www.windsordiamond.net
Purnell & Co. D.B.A. Windsor Diamond Jewelers www.windsordiamond.net
Pyramid Studios Inc. www.pyramid.ws
Quenans Jewelers www.quenansjewelers.com
Quest Jewelers www.questjewelers.com
Ragnar Jewlellers
Ramsey's Diamonds Jewelers www.ramseys.com
Rasmussen Diamonds www.ranmussendiamonds.com
RC Wahl Jewelers www.wahljewelers.com
RDI Diamonds, Inc. www.rdidiamonds.com
Reaver Diamond Co. www.reaverdiamond.com
Reeds Jewelers www.reedsjewelers.com
Reeds Jewelers of NC, Inc. www.reeds.com
Reine Diamonds www.reinediamonds.com
Reiner’s Fine Jewelry www.reinersjewelry.com
Renshaws Showcase Jewellers www.showcasejewellers.com
Richard Engels Jewelers Inc. www.richardengels.com
Riddle's Jewelry www.riddlesjewelry.com
Robbins Brothers www.robbinsbros.com
Robbins Delaware Diamonds www.robbinsdiamonds.com
Robert Irwin Jewelers www.rijewelers.com
Roberts Jewelers
Robson's Diamond Jewelers www.robsonsjewelers.com
Ronny Medawar & Company, Inc. www.medawars.com
Royale Jewelers Inc. www.royalejewelers.com
Russakoff, Inc. www.russgems.com
S.T. Kluh & Co. Jewelers
S.V.S. Fine Jewelry SVSFineJewelry.com
Sage Inspirations Artisan Jewelry www.sageinspirations.com
Sam's Fine Jewelry www.sam'sfinejewelry.com
Samuels www.samuelsjewelers.com
Sanborn's Jewelers
Sandberg Jewelers www.sandbergjewelers.com
Sargisons Jewellers www.sargisons.com.au
Saslow's Jewelers & Henebry's Jewelers www.saslowshenebrys.com
Sather's Leading Jewelers www.sathersjewelers.com
Satterfields www.jewelrywarehouse.com
Saxon's Diamond Centers www.saxonsdiamondcenters.com
Schilling Jewelers schillingjewelers.com
Schumacher Diamond Cutters and Jewelers www.schumacherdiamond.om
Score's Jewelers www.scoresdiamondjewelers.com
Scott's Karat Patch www.karatpatch.com
Segal & Co. www.segaljewelers.com
Seita Jewelers Inc. www.seitajewelers.com
Shannon Fine Jewelry shannonfinejewelry.com
Sharif Jewelers www.sharifjewelers.com
Shay's Jewelers www.shaysjewelers.com
Sheffield's Diamonds www.sheffieldsdiamonds.com
Shelley's Jewelry www.shelleysjewelry.com
Shore Regional High School
Showcase Jewellers Colac
Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu www.showcasejeweller.com
Showroom of Elegance www.showroomofelegance.com
Signature Diamonds
Signet Trading Limited www.signetjewellers.com
Sites Jewelers, Inc. www.sitesjewelers.com
Skaneateles Jewelry Inc. www.cnydiamond.com
Slushers Jewelry www.slushersjewelry.com
Snowden's Jewelers www.snowdensjewelers.com
Sohn & McClure
Spence Diamonds www.spencediamonds.com
St. John & Myers
Stapleton Jewellers www.stapletonejewellers.com.au
State Diamond L.L.C. dba Iowa Diamond www.iadiamond.com
Stearns Showcase Jewellers
Steffan's Jewelers www.steffansjewelers.com
Stephen Vincent Jewelers svjewelers.com
Stephens Jewelers www.stephensjewelers.com
Steven DiFranco Jewelers www.stevendifranco.com
Stiles Jewelers www.stilesjewelers.com
Storey Jewelers, Inc. www.storeyjewelers.com
Studio 2015 Jewelers www.studio2015.com
Sumerwind Jewelers www.summerwindjewelers.com
Swiss American Jewelers www.swissamericanjewelers.net
Sycamore Jewelers www.sycamorejewelers.com
Tache USA Inc.
Ted's Jewelers www.tedsjewelers.com
Territory Jewellers
The Antique Jewelry & Art Conference www.jewelrycamp.org
The Bell Group www.riogrande.com
The Covington Group www.covingtongroup.net
The Diamond Center www.tdckis.com
The Diamond Centre
The Diamond Family www.thediamondfami.com
The Diamond Gallery of Naperville www.diamondgallerynaperville.com
The Diamond House
The Jeweler www.thejewelerofzephyrhills.com
The Jeweler's Edge www.facebook.com/jewelersedge
The Jewelry Shop
The Karat Patch Diamond-N-Gold www.karatpatchonline.com
The Knot Wedding Network www.theknot.com
The School District of Philadelphia
The Source Fine Jewelers www.thesourcejewelers.com
The Vault www.shopthevault.com
The Warner Co., Inc. www.warnercompany.com
The Wedding Ring Shop www.weddingringshop.com
Things Rich and Strange www.thingsrichandstrange.com
Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers
Tipton's Fine Jewelery www.tiptonsfinejewelry.com
Tivoli Jewelers www.tivolijewelers.com
Toner Jewelers www.tonerjewelers.com
Touch of Silver, Gold & Old www.touchofsilvergoldandold.com
Town Square Jewelers www.tsj.us
Traditional Jewelers www.traditionaljewelers.net
Trigg County High School
Turgeon Raine Jewelers www.turgeonraine.com
Ultra Inc. www.ultradiamonds.com
United Precious Metal Refining www.unitedpmr.com
Valentine's Jewelry www.valentinesjewelry.com
Van Adams Jewelers www.vanadams.com
Vardy's Jewelers Inc
W.R. Chance Diamond Jewelers www.wrchance.com
Walker and Hall
Walt's Pawn and Estate Jewelry Buyer, LLC. www.waltspawn.com
Wand's Jewelry, Inc. www.wandsjewelry.com
Ware Jewelers www.warejewelers.com
Washington Jewelers
Watsons Jewellers
Wayzata Jewelers, LLC www.wayzetajewelers.com
Wedding Day Diamonds www.weddingdaydiamonds.com
West Michigan Lapidary LLC
Westland Leading Edge Jewellers
Whicker's Fine Jewelry and Gifts
Whitakers Jewellers www.whitakers.com.au
White's Fine Jewelry www.whitesfinejewelry.com
Wick & Greene Jewelers www.wickandgreene.com
Wickersham Jewelry www.wickershamjewelry.com
Wilkerson Jewelers www.wilkersons.com
William Jeffrey's, Ltd.
William Jeffrey's, Ltd.
William Levine
Windsor Jewelers www.windsorjewelers.net
Windy City Jewelry & Loan of Elgin www.windycityjewelryandloan.com
Wm. D. Nord Jewelers www.nordjewelers.com
Wood Jewelers www.woodjewelers.com
Woodard's Diamond Showroom www.woodards.net
Woodstock High School
Woodstock High School II
World of Gold & Gems LLC www.worldofgoldjewelers.com
Yelton Fine Jewelers www.yeltons.com
Your Jewelry Box, LLC. www.yourjewelrybox.com
Zale Corporation www.zalecorp.com

*Associate Member

Membership Information

Membership Plaque Membership in the Diamond Council of America is a continuous, long-term investment in jewelry education and professionalism, meaningful industry and consumer identity and advancement through knowledge.

Membership in the DCA will also be an important link to over 4000 DCA member stores coast-to-coast.

DCA members have access to the Diamond, Colored Gemstone and Advanced Jewelry Sales courses for their associates, beautifully embossed plaques, decals, hanging signs, and lapel pins. These invaluable sales tools help build a jeweler’s professionalism, raise his/her standards of merchandising and advertising, and symbolize affiliation with an organization of the highest ethical and educational standards.

Membership Requirements

Section 1 There shall be three classifications of membership: (1) Executive Members, and (2) Associate Members, and (3) Individual Members. Applicants must satisfy the President/CEO and the Board of Directors that their interest is fully consistent with the purpose of the Council set forth in Section 4 Article I of these bylaws.


The primary purpose of the DCA is to provide educational services pertaining to diamonds and fine jewelry. This education will be directed toward DCA members, their employees, suppliers and the public. DCA members are specialty jewelry retailers whose businesses serve the consumer through an emphasis on personal, over-the-counter sales of diamonds and other precious stones, in a service-intensive, professional manner that relies upon the expert knowledge of the salesperson.

Section 2 In addition, applicants for executive membership will meet the following qualifications:

A. Specialization:

An applicant must specialize in the sale to consumers of diamonds and other precious gems. The applicant must do business in a manner that substantially emphasizes personal, over-the-counter sales, in a service-intensive professional manner that relies upon the expert knowledge of the sales person.

B. Demonstrate High Standards of Ethical Conduct and Professionalism:

In keeping with the Council's purpose of serving the consuming public in a highly ethical and professional manner. The applicant must provide evidence of meeting these standards. Such practices as false or deceptive advertising, misrepresentations at the point-of-sale, or other disreputable practices which take unfair advantage of the consumer or are recognized under law as unfair methods of competition would disqualify an applicant. An applicant challenged under this section will be given a full opportunity to offer the exculpating evidence and explanations.

C. Industry-Mindedness:

An applicant must be dedicated to the general welfare, high standing and prosperity of the entire retail jewelry business, as manifested, for example, by active participation in the Jewelers of America, Inc., or some other reputable association dedicated to these goals.

D. Financial Stability:

Because the Council's image, and the image of its members, could be damaged if its members are not financially sound, an applicant must demonstrate financial stability, as manifested, for example, by a JBT rating of not less than 2 or excellent credit references.

E. Commitment to the Council's Program:

In order to ensure that the Council's educational courses are fully utilized and that the purpose of the Council is fulfilled, an applicant must commit to active participation in the Council's programs.

Section 3

All applicant's for executive membership shall be reviewed and approved by the President/CEO consistent with the guidelines of executive membership as defined in Article II of the association bylaws.

Section 4

Associate members (non-voting) shall be suppliers to the jewelry industry. Applicants shall demonstrate that they have a reputation of conducting themselves according to highest ethical and professional standards of the jewelry industry. All applications for associate membership shall be reviewed by the President/CEO consistent with the guidelines of associate membership as defined in Article II of the association bylaws.

Section 5

Individual Members shall be from the general population and must complete the appropriate application for membership and enrollment found on the DCA web site at the Individual Member Tab. Individual Members will be required to become DCA members at an annual cost of thirty-five dollars ($35.00), and will be eligible to enroll in only those DCA courses specifically designated for Individual Member use.

Section 6

Individual Members shall be approved solely by the President/CEO or the DCA Director of Operations.

Section 7

The President/CEO shall submit the names of all applicants, in either the Executive or Associate membership category, to the entire board of directors once the candidate has filed all appropriate paperwork. Directors will have five days (from receipt) to question an applicant's qualification for membership.

Section 8

Members shall be liable for the dues and other fees, including initiation fees, as established by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Section 9

A member must always meet the standards for membership as set forth in the DCA Bylaws. A member's qualifications may be challenged by filing a complaint with the President/CEO. The President/CEO shall make inquiries and report his findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board may rescind membership for failure to continue qualifying, but it must provide the member with an opportunity for a hearing prior to reaching a decision.


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