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The Diamond Course

Diamond Course

The Diamond Course brings learning to life for the front line sales associate. This distance education course is designed so that the student learns and applies new information from the onset. As bits of knowledge are presented, the course describes how to use them in sales and everyday store operations. Through practice modules and exercises, the student develops skills along with knowledge.

The Diamond Course presents a complete discussion of the subject of diamonds in 21 lessons divided into three general sections. The first part of the course provides the essential information associates need to be professional and honest in a sales presentation - the 4 C's of color, clarity, cutting and carat weight, diamond treatments, synthetic diamonds and facts about diamond jewelry. The second part provides important background information like where diamonds come from, how they're mined and processed, how they're cut and how they come to market. The third part of the course teaches the jewelry store skills related to diamonds - how to clean diamond jewelry, how to display diamond jewelry, how to present diamonds, the selling tools, the selling process, customer service and professionalism.

The Diamond Course is presented in 4-color, easy-to-read format, augmented with numerous photographs, charts and other graphics. The course is delivered by distance education, and may be taken at the student's own pace; 6-12 months is the anticipated completion time, although students may easily finish it in less time.

Course Preview

Diamond Course
Lesson 1 - The First Step

Diamond retailing today is a dynamic profession that involves both long-term trends and fast-changing conditions. On one hand, diamonds are part of modern American culture. Most Americans want to own a diamond or to give diamond jewelry to someone they love. Wearing a diamond gives a kind of satisfaction that’s hard to match. Giving a diamond is among the ultimate gestures of love and commitment.

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Diamond Course
Lesson 7 - Diamond Jewelry

Beyond aesthetics and symbolism, diamond jewelry embodies value. It combines artistic talent and skilled labor with rare gems and precious metal. In previous lessons, you learned how the 4Cs affect a diamond’s price. In much the same way, the artistry, workmanship, and materials that make up a piece of fine jewelry determine both its quality and its cost.

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