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The Colored Gemstone Course

Colored Gemstone Course

The new DCA Colored Gemstone Course brings learning to life for the front line sales associate. This distance education course is designed so that the student learns and applies new information from the onset. As bits of knowledge are presented, the course describes how to use them in sales and everyday store operations. Through practice modules and exercises, the student develops skills along with knowledge.

The new DCA Colored Gemstone Course is presented in 4-color, easy-to-read format, augmented with numerous photographs, charts and other graphics. The course is delivered by distance education, and may be taken at the student's own pace; 6-12 months is the anticipated completion time, although students may easily finish it in less time.

Course Preview

Colored Gemstone Course
Lesson 1 - The World of Gems

The gem world is filled with great beauty, diversity and wonder that most consumers don’t know a lot about. Although many are fascinated by gems, few realize the variety they offer, and even fewer are truly informed about purchasing and owning them. In this course you’ll travel deep into the heart of the gem world. You’ll learn how to reveal its marvels and help your customers make wise selections from among the choices it holds.

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Colored Gemstone Course
Lesson 7 - Gemstone Jewelry

In jewelry, artists have the power to transform gems into expressions of personal feeling and identity. A fine sapphire, for example, is beautiful in its own right, yet set in an elegant platinum ring, it can become a symbol of love, success, or life’s enjoyment. The same is true of any gem, or any type of jewelry. This makes identifying customers’ messages and motives a crucial step in helping them select jewelry to own or to give. As part of the process, you also need to ensure that an item will suit the appearance, taste, and lifestyle of the person who will wear it.

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