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The Advanced Jewelry Sales Course

Advanced Jewelry Sales Course

“DCA has invested more than four years in researching, writing, and developing our new Advanced Jewelry Sales Course. We did this because today’s professional jewelry Sales Associates need every ethical competitive edge they can get. Advanced Jewelry Sales meets this need in ways that are unique, innovative, and effective. The course essentially provides students with a clear and methodical path through the selling process – a path that can be adapted to every customer, every product, and every occasion. This comprehensive yet flexible approach will greatly enhance students’ ability to close more sales at the counter. For these reasons, the Board of Directors and I are tremendously excited about the new course and its potential.”

-Terry W. Chandler.

DCA’s new Advanced Jewelry Sales Course is the perfect complement to our Diamond and Colored Gemstone courses. It provides students with a triangulated and in-depth analysis of the selling process, approaching the sale from the three key standpoints of customers, communications, and merchandise. First, the coursework offers a detailed look into the generational differences sales associates now face in working with customers. Thus, it explains how to communicate with a “Millennial” or “Gen Xer” as opposed to a “Baby Boomer.” The course also explores the merchandising aspect of sales, explaining how different jewelry products fit the wants, needs, and desires of customers, and how best to communicate all-important product knowledge. Finally, the course emphasizes the role of sales associates and their responsibility to effectively serve and care for customers. By combining these approaches, the Advanced Jewelry Sales Course will provide the DCA student with a calculated and specific path to understanding and effectively participating in the selling process, as it has come to exist in today’s challenging and changing marketplace.

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Advanced Jewelry Sales Course
Lesson 1 - Moving Forward

Being the best you can be means consistently surpassing the expectations customers and store management have for you – and the goals you set for yourself too. Of course, the expectations and goals have to be realistic to begin with, but as long as that’s the case, the higher they are the better.

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Advanced Jewelry Sales Course
Lesson 7 - Fashion Jewelry

The term fashion jewelry has a number of different meanings. To most people, it means the same as costume jewelry. Thus, it refers to pieces designed for wear with current fashions and made of inexpensive materials. Many retailers use the term for low-cost jewelry of all kinds, regardless of style. But in jewelry stores, the fashion category often includes diamonds.

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Student Review

Hello Terry,

I am dropping a line to extend my gratitude and excitement at completing the course. I was extremely fortunate to have snuck in on a scholarship through Absolute brilliance. I spoke to Bud earlier and wanted to tell him how great it was.

I was not only the sole scholarship winner in Canada I was also the only person who works for Zales. I manage a Peoples Jewellers in Winnipeg Manitoba. I came to the business with zero jewelry knowledge almost 3 years ago and now have both the Diamond Course and this new course under my belt. I told Bud how amazing i felt both courses were. I loved the sales course as it put in tangible words a lot of the best practices I have been doing for years in my different industries and careers.

Jewelry as an industry has changed a lot with the advent of online shopping and the access people have to information. Many companies stick to the old guard way of thinking and selling and it doesn't work the same in today's info savvy shoppers market. I loved the break down of demographics and generational cohorts and their different focuses. I loved the info on custom sales and watches...ahhh who am I kidding I loved it all!!! I truly hope lots of companies embrace this course for both their new and tenured employees. If we don't evolve we become extinct and the only way we can hope to drive business is by truly understanding our customers wants on their level not solely on a corporate focus level. I do feel 100% this course will benefit the way I coach and the way I interact with my own customers.

Kristen was a great support for me through both of my courses and I appreciate all her help on the last one with faxing me the review sheets as i had no access to a printer.

Once again, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of something this great!!

Krista Gilman

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